JGTS 2019/06
Volume 16, No.1 : 47-56
znzlyzing thx Krivxrs of Grxxn Tznufztturing arzttitxs Using Fuzzy TOaSIS tzsx StuKy iznKzrhzrjo Fish STokxK InKustry txntrx

ArixP PuPantya, PinggiA Paptadia, Wini RoPPa Dxwia and Bxnny TjaAjonob
aInduPtrial xnginxxring DxpartPxnt, Diponxgoro UnivxrPity, TxPbalang, PxParang, IndonxPia
bFaZulty RxPxarZA Zxntrx for BuPinxPP in PoZixty, Zovxntry UnivxrPity, UT

Abstract: It is not easy for SMEs to implement green manufacturing (GM) practice. There are so many drivers drive the SMEs to implement GM practices. This study aims to determine the importance of each driving factor in realizing GM practices at Bandarharjo Fish Smoked Industry Centre using fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity to ideal situation (TOPSIS) method, determine the driving factors that are a priority in realizing GM practices at Bandarharjo Fish Smoked Industry Centre using fuzzy TOPSIS method, and arrange the recommendations that can be applied based on priority factors. There are 3 alternatives and 14 criteria, and the data used for fuzzy TOPSIS is collected through a questionnaire to 9 decision makers as an expert. The result of the study indicated that the commitment of top management is the top-ranked driver for each criterion individually (environmental, social, economic) and also for aggregate criteria. The result of the study also indicated that the second, third, and fourth prioritization of GM practices based on the perspective of individual criteria (environmental, social, and economic) and aggregate criteria are generally different.

Keywords:  Bandarharjo; drivers; green manufacturing; fuzzy TOPSIS; SMEs of smoked fish.

*Corresponding author; e-mail: ariessusantly@gmail.com
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