JGTS 2019/06
Volume 16, No.1 : 15-23
Shzaing iusinxss arotxss zgility in TxlxtoTTunitztion 4.0

Randy Turniawana and PoAaPPad AaPPala
aBINUP BuPinxPP PZAool DoZtor of RxPxarZA in PanagxPxnt, Bina NuPantara UnivxrPity, JaTarta, IndonxPia

Abstract: The study elaborates the relationship between antecedents and implication of business process agility on the business performance of telecommunication equipment companies in Indonesia. Diverges from prior studies on organizational agility, the study identifies that a complete market orientation of integrated product development (IPD) implementation maximizes organization’s responsiveness toward the dynamics of customers’ requirements and competitors’ activities. Furthermore, exploratory case studies find that as Telecommunication 4.0 brings up new challenges and complexities created by open innovation and hardware-software decoupling, organizations need to leverage networking with partners and exploit organizational structure nimbleness to gain optimal product development capability. The conceptual framework is formed from both the exploratory case studies and systematic literature review. The case studies enable us to gain state-of-the-art views from practitioners in the industry, clarify the fuzziness and broad nature of antecedents, and integrate them into existing theories to acquire managerial insight. Aligned with market-based and dynamic capability theory, the originality of this study lies on how organizations exploit not only internal resource flexibility, but also how to access, configure, and leverage external network capabilities embedded in business partners.

Keywords:  Business performance; business process agility; market-oriented; integrated product development; networking capability; nimble organizational structure.

*Corresponding author; e-mail: randy.kurniawan@binus.ac.id
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