5th Sustainable Development and Green Technology Symposium (2021 SSDGT) & 2nd International conference on Sustainable Development Goals: Climate Change and Green Technology (2021 ICSDGs)
Uploaded on 2021.02.25

Technology cannot bring real happiness to mankind nor can technology solve the pollution and disasters caused by development. The Mayan culture and the decline and extinction of Easter Island are examples of the unsustainable ecology caused by over development. Only with sustainable operation can the earth continue to support human and biological life. The United Nations report pointed out that by 2030 , the solar, wind and biomass energy industries alone will increase 20 million green energy jobs. One out of every four workers in the United States will be a green-collar worker. There will be more than one million green-collar workers in Taiwan. It is predicted that every job in the future, including food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment, will definitely be transformed into a green-collar job.

To achieve the goal of nurturing green-collar personnel, this workshop since 2017 began to handle, and will 2021 be held in 2021 at its fifth Sustainability and Green Technology Symposium ( 2021 5 TH Sustainable Development & Green Technology Symposium ), to sophisticated green Leadership and sustainable education. At the same time , starting from 2020 , the international conference on Sustainable Development Goals (ICSDGs) will be held simultaneously . This year, the main axis will be circular economy and green technology for new agriculture to improve climate change and promote sustainable international development. Morning opening speech by the president Lincong Ming Nanhua University, Nanhua University University of share in the SDGs of development, and invite foreign experts to share the contents of a model of sustainable development goals; afternoon to invite experts and scholars held a recycling economy and new agricultural forum; synchronization in accordance with the SDGs set of 17 indicators, openly soliciting submissions and publications of green technology and information technology papers; in addition, sustainable development and green technology related manufacturers are invited to display on-site equipment and provide participants to observe and achieve the goal of creating sustainable development and green technology.